Why Do Retail Apps Need to Use Location-Aware Notifications?

In January 2018, online retail giant Amazon made headlines with the official opening of Amazon Go, an advanced convenience store that the company took out of beta status after about a year of testing. The customer experience that Amazon Go offers is like nothing the public has ever seen before; this is a smart store with no checkout lines and no cashiers, and the technology behind it includes a network of video cameras that use computer vision and “sensor fusion” during the shopping process, a combination of many sensors such as weight sensors in the shelves to track individual products.

MOCA launches Wi-Fi based Audience Analytics for Outdoor and Indoor Locations

Wi-Fi is the most versatile technology for modern audience analytics in venues. As a Big Data Location-based Marketing Platform, we’re constantly improving our analytics features and dashboards. Today, we’re glad to announce Wi-Fi based Audience Analytics for Indoor Locations such as shopping malls, airports, museums, and stadiums, and Outdoor Locations such as cities, villages, towns or countries.

This feature expands analytical capabilities of  MOCA Wi-Fi Analytics product, which also includes indoor mobility flow, outdoor heatmap, dynamic indoor heatmap (watch how your audience flows, minute by minute), floor plan management, and more. Do you want to learn more about this product? Please, contact us here.

Wifi Analytics

The Top 10 Articles About Location and Proximity Marketing of 2017

Although it’s not quite over yet, 2017 has been one of the best years for implementing location-based marketing projects. This year, we saw how location-based technologies are being used in different industry verticals such as Smart Cities, International Conferences, Shopping malls, and how large-scale deployments have been increased. Read on to find out if your favorite post made the Top 10 list…

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