Solutia Intelligence and MOCA Partner to Make Cities Smarter through Beacons and Machine Learning Technology

We are very glad to announce our partnership with Solutia Intelligence, a leader in the development of technology solutions for companies and public entities. Through this agreement, our customers will be able to interact and communicate with citizens, engage local businesses and connect departmentsThe integrated solution for smart cities provide services such as Big Data Analytics, IoT sensor Management, Multi-Channel Communication, Traceability and Connectivity.

New Improvements: Real-time audience analytics, Beacon management and Getting started just got easier with MOCA

Today we’re really excited to announce the launch of our improved features, which make it easier than ever to manage, visualize and get started with MOCA Platform.

We heard your feedback, and realized that managing beacons on a large scale was difficult into MOCA dashboard and delivering campaigns without prior visualization of your audience could be complicated and less effective, for that you needed more control when visualizing that data.

We built new improvements in our platform to overcome these challenges.

MOCA turns Benidorm into a smart city through beacon technology

According to the Q2 2016 Proxbook report, there are more than 8 million proximity sensors deployed globally and the majority of these sensors (6 million) are beacons. The proximity and location-based industry continue to be very attractive to investors now that $220.7 million has been spent on different projects to date in 2016.

Proximity sensors are being used in different industries, from retail to shopping malls, events, airports, stadiums and the hospitality and tourism sectors, among others. These sensors have the capacity to play an important role in the future of the travel industry. As we know by now, more travellers seek experiences during their journey and hotels, airlines, airports and tourist places have the opportunity to embrace location-based technologies for enhancing the traveller experience.

MOCA is now available on Micello’s Marketplace

Indoor maps help to create a more convenient and pleasant visitor experience whether you are inside of shopping malls, airports, college campuses, hospitals, museums, business campuses, conferences venues, and many more. Nowadays we can hardly imagine going to any place without relying on technology. With indoor maps in your smartphone you don’t get lost looking for booths in events or boarding gates in airports and you have more time to discover new points of interest in places like museums and shopping malls.

The Power of Proximity Marketing and Geolocation at MWC16

The Mobile World Congress is the most important event in the mobile industry and it has been held in Barcelona for more than 10 years. The MWC16 edition surpassed the 100,000 mark for the first time in the event’s history, with nearly 101,000 attendees which means an increase of more than 6% over last year. According to GSMA, visitors from 204 countries attended the event and  there were more than 2200 exhibiting companies showcasing the newest mobile technology, trends and opportunities.

Fira de Barcelona is one of the most important trade fair institutions in Europe and the Spanish market leader, especially in trade and industrial shows and this year has chosen MOCA and Pole Star, once again, to be the official providers for the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016. More than 700 NAO BlueSpot beacons were deployed, provided by Pole Star, on the 240 thousand square meters of exhibit space in Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via venue. And almost 40 million data points were analyzed by MOCA platform during the event.