How Location-based services can be used to Improve the Shopping Mall Experience

Today, more and more Shopping malls owners and managers have moved into the mobile space. Being aware of the benefits of mobile marketing, they have developed their own mobile apps in order to fulfill visitor experience while shopping. Moreover, by adding location technology to the mobile app, the shopping mall can increase engagement with visitors in a relevant and contextualized manner.

Shopping malls can deliver personalized messages based on a user’s location to points of interest, offline-online behavior, and profile. They can send location-aware messages to notify visitors about new stores, offers available, events, and the latest movies at the cinema. Location-aware mobile apps can also help visitors locate specific stores, restaurants, and services in the mall.

Here are 3 ways location-based services can be used to increase the shopping mall’s profit margins:


Mall traffic is dwindling across the world, and thousands of stores are closing as consumers spend more at Location marketing services can be used to lead and direct the shopping mall app visitors while increasing brand awareness.

Examples of campaign actions:

  • Reach visitors in the surrounding areas and attract them to your shopping mall.
  • Announce new stores, restaurants, special events, etc
  • Retarget visitors who have already engaged with your campaigns or visited the mall to re-engage them with incentives.

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Discover 5 Mobile Enterprise Solutions: MOCA Partners Interview

In the last MWC18 edition we met with some of our Partner and Collaborators and we had the opportunity to interview Pole Star, Ogilvy, Proxera, SlashMobility, and Boira. We talked about who they are, why they decided to work with MOCA and the projects we have with some clients.

If you are interested in Mobile Enterprise Solutions and Retail technology, keep reading because you will discover amazing technologies and agencies. Let’s take a look at these 5 enterprise solutions and their business cases.

moca partners interview

How to make a successful engagement campaign for Retail Apps

The world is increasingly going mobile, and nowhere is this true than in the world of retail. More than 80% of shoppers now use their phones and other mobile devices to find out more information before making their in-store purchases, which means you’re definitely missing out if you can’t find a way to connect and engage with this mobile-friendly crowd.

Furthermore, the rise of retail apps has led to an increasingly large number of shoppers who now expect to receive special offers and discounts as a way to entice them to visit retail stores. In this way, location-aware mobile campaigns can be one of the most effective tools for driving visits and increasing in-store conversions. However, running a successful campaign isn’t always so easy, so here are a few tips to help ensure your campaign succeeds.

5 Retail Enterprise Solutions You Shouldn’t Miss at MWC18

The Mobile World Congress, a meeting of major mobile industry, including more than 2,300 exhibitors and more than 108,000 attendees from 208 countries, is set to take place from 26 February to 1 March in Barcelona, and this year’s offerings for those in the retail enterprise sector are expected to include several standouts. More commonly referred to as MWC18, the event is a chance for vendors, analysts, press members, and buyers to come together and see what the future holds for the industry. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 smartphone at MWC18, and Blackberry will be there to discuss the launch of two new smartphones in 2018. Google’s big push into smart home technology will also be on full display.

Those interested in Mobile Enterprise Solutions, Big Data, and Retail technology will be especially excited to see what MWC18 has to bring. Even researchers interested in smart city technology will be amazed by the offerings. Let’s take a look at 5 retail enterprise technologies you shouldn’t miss at MWC18.