3 Location-based Marketing Use Cases for Improving the Amusement Park Experience

According to Theme Index and Museum Index Report, the Amusement Park industry grew 4.7% in 2017. Nowadays, Amusement Parks are embracing new technologies and marketing techniques to boost attendance and enrich the visitor’s experience.

By using location-based marketing, amusement parks can deliver personalized recommendations inside and outside the park based on a user’s location and other visitor attributes. Digital managers can send location-aware messages to notify visitors about new attractions and services at the park, the waiting times of the attractions and maps. Amusement apps powered by location data can also help visitors locate specific attractions, restaurants, and services inside amusement park providing a better experience.

Here you have 3 location-based marketing tactics to attract crowds to your amusement park:

1) Engagement inside the Park

Amusement Park Experience

5 Location-based Marketing Tactics For A More Personalized Banking Experience

More and more bank owners and managers are aware of the benefits of implementing mobile marketing as part of their business strategy. According to the 2018 Guide To Financial Marketing by Jim Marous, the first of the top 3 strategic priorities for the banking industry is to redesign and enhance the digital experience for consumers. Empowering Bank apps with geolocation will help bank managers to understand customer journey online and offline and provide more personalized banking services while increasing customer experience.

Retail banks can deliver personalized banking services based on a user’s geolocation, behavior, available balance, profile and other client attributes. Moreover, they can send location-aware messages to notify clients about their loyalty program, surveys and new financial products and services.

Here you have 5 ways location-based services can be used to improve retail banking experience:

1) Enhance the bank experience for the “branch lovers

banking experience

Discover 5 Mobile Enterprise Solutions: MOCA Partners Interview

In the last MWC18 edition we met with some of our Partner and Collaborators and we had the opportunity to interview Pole Star, Ogilvy, Proxera, SlashMobility, and Boira. We talked about who they are, why they decided to work with MOCA and the projects we have with some clients.

If you are interested in Mobile Enterprise Solutions and Retail technology, keep reading because you will discover amazing technologies and agencies. Let’s take a look at these 5 enterprise solutions and their business cases.

moca partners interview

7 tactics to Drive Visits to your Retail Fashion Store

In this modern, technologically advanced age, running a successful retail fashion store is in some ways easier and in other ways more difficult than ever before. The internet and smartphones have completely revolutionized the world of retail by changing the way most people shop. Statistics show that approximately 82 percent of people now conduct research online before making a purchase, which means that you’re missing out on a huge proportion of your potential customers if you’re not making the most of your online presence to ensure your fashion store stands out from the crowd.

Nonetheless, many customers still prefer to make their purchase in person, which means you still cannot overlook the importance of your actual brick-and-mortar store either. In this sense, it is all about using technology along with whatever means you can come up with to drive more customer traffic through your door. With this in mind, here are seven simple tips that can help you achieve this all-important goal.

  1. Focus on Curb Appeal

A stylish, well-designed storefront or window display can do wonders to help drive in walk-in traffic off the street. Although it may sound simple, you really cannot afford to not to focus on the style and design of your store’s exterior. After all, fashion is all about style, and people aren’t likely to take your store seriously if it doesn’t look the part. Adding little touches like a moveable sign gives your store a more personal feeling that can help you to connect with potential customers and hopefully pique their interest.

fashion retail store