MOCA turns Benidorm into a smart city through beacon technology

According to the Q2 2016 Proxbook report, there are more than 8 million proximity sensors deployed globally and the majority of these sensors (6 million) are beacons. The proximity and location-based industry continue to be very attractive to investors now that $220.7 million has been spent on different projects to date in 2016.

Proximity sensors are being used in different industries, from retail to shopping malls, events, airports, stadiums and the hospitality and tourism sectors, among others. These sensors have the capacity to play an important role in the future of the travel industry. As we know by now, more travellers seek experiences during their journey and hotels, airlines, airports and tourist places have the opportunity to embrace location-based technologies for enhancing the traveller experience.

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MOCA and SlashMobility Partner to enhance Proximity Marketing through Mobile Apps

The rise in smartphone usage is driving the market for mobile applications and empowering the mobile revolution. According to Statista the projected number of app downloads for 2017 is 268 billion. The time spent on mobile apps is 90% of mobile usage and it is motivating marketers and developers to innovate across the mobile channel. As stated by BI Intelligence, customers may give up on a brand after one poor mobile experience so companies need to better understand their mobile audience and provide a more contextual and personalized service.

Partnership Moca Platform and Slash Mobility

This week, SlashMobility, a leading company in the development of Mobile Corporate Solutions, and MOCA, the most advanced Mobile Engagement marketing platform, have signed a partnership agreement committed to increasing the value of their services.

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Tech Crunch Disrupt London: Innovative Apps, Machine Learning and sir Alex Ferguson

Every startup dreams of appearing on Tech Crunch posts and participating in their events. One of these events is Tech Crunch Disrupt London (7-8 December).

It’s a great opportunity to meet potential investors, partners and customers and it’s widely followed by entrepreneurs from all over the world.

People may think it’s just focused on young tech entrepreneurs who have developed an app. But people from all kind of industries  participate. For instance, one of the featured speakers was sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United manager. It was a really interesting keynote presentation about how to manage leadership and how to manage teamwork.

Several speakers of Tech Crunch Disrupt highlighted that startups may be created anywhere, i.e. ,  you don’t need to live in the US to start a profitable startup. In that sense Andy McLoughlin,  venture partner with SoftTech VC, pointed out:

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MOCA Proximity Experience presented at Big Data Startups meetup (with demo app)

MOCA BIgData Startup Meeting

Big Data Startups meetup took place last tuesday at ESADECREAPOLIS, near Barcelona. After a very interesting conference headed by Carme Artigas, CEO and Co-Founder of Synergic Partners, we made a demonstration of the possibilities of capturing data in the offline world by showing Proximity Experiences to the users through Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and our MOCA Demo App.

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