MOCA is now available on Micello’s Marketplace

Indoor maps help to create a more convenient and pleasant visitor experience whether you are inside of shopping malls, airports, college campuses, hospitals, museums, business campuses, conferences venues, and many more. Nowadays we can hardly imagine going to any place without relying on technology. With indoor maps in your smartphone you don’t get lost looking for booths in events or boarding gates in airports and you have more time to discover new points of interest in places like museums and shopping malls.

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MOCA and SlashMobility Partner to enhance Proximity Marketing through Mobile Apps

The rise in smartphone usage is driving the market for mobile applications and empowering the mobile revolution. According to Statista the projected number of app downloads for 2017 is 268 billion. The time spent on mobile apps is 90% of mobile usage and it is motivating marketers and developers to innovate across the mobile channel. As stated by BI Intelligence, customers may give up on a brand after one poor mobile experience so companies need to better understand their mobile audience and provide a more contextual and personalized service.

Partnership Moca Platform and Slash Mobility

This week, SlashMobility, a leading company in the development of Mobile Corporate Solutions, and MOCA, the most advanced Mobile Engagement marketing platform, have signed a partnership agreement committed to increasing the value of their services.

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